Changelog for KickDrum

Release 1.3.0

  • improvement: Phase is now kept in place when kick length is changed via preserve mode
  • bug fix: Space bar was "stolen" from the DAW ✨
  • bug fix: Velocity was one note late
  • bug fix: Loudness burst occured on plugin load in FL-studio

Release 1.2.0

  • new feature: Length Mode ✨:
    • - Stretch: stretches the kick into the newly adjusted length
    • - Preserve: keeps the kick as is and only extends the workspace length
  • new feature: Pitch Point Tags now show milliseconds ✨
  • new feature: Keyboard shortcut for switching between Pitch and gain mode added (TAB key) ✨
  • new feature: Tooltips
  • new feature: Select preset via Up/down Arrow on Keyboard or use new previous/next preset buttons
  • new feature: Zoom on the oscillogram via mouse scrollwheel
  • improvement: About Panel in Options draws bigger now
  • improvement: Gridlines now show milliseconds
  • improvement: License Validation accepts License File extension in lower case now
  • bug fix: Plugin crashed when factory presets were turned off and User Preset Folder was empty
  • bug fix: Adjusting the kick's length wasn't taken into account on Redo
  • bug fix: Switching faster between presets than it took to load a preset caused the plugin to crash
  • bug fix: Redo/undo while the kick was retriggering faster than it took to load a kick caused the plugin to crash
  • bug fix: Pitch Shifter drew multiple keys blue on pitch keyboard
  • Demo:
    • - now doesn't reset on GUI close
    • - allows presets to be saved to hard drive

Release 1.1.0

  • new feature: EQ Spectrum On/Off Button added ✨
  • improvement: Pitch Adjuster:
    • - now reacts to Keysnapping
    • - now shows current key
  • improvement: Factory Presets Length is now in milliseconds, so they sound the same regardless of project bpm
  • improvement: Phase Adjuster now on top of gain scale (if moved out of sight due to zoom)
  • improvement: Activation Screen now opens Explorer/Finder to select the License File

Release 1.0.0

  • First release of KickDrum ✨